Our Mission

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To educate the public about local sustainable economies



To promote economic and community development through environmentally and socially responsible entrepreneurship



To partner with allied organizations to advance socially responsible economic and community development policies and practices

Signature Projects

Best for NM draft

Best for New Mexico

The Best for NM Challenge is a free, online tool to help you compare your business’s impact on New Mexico’s workers, communities, and the environment against 8,000+ businesses and provides free resources to improve. More coming soon…


Support for National Monuments

America’s national monuments and parks serve a vital role in protecting New Mexico’s and our nation’s natural and cultural heritage and providing unique opportunities for recreation and learning. These parks also serve as valuable economic engines spurring tourism and supporting jobs and businesses throughout New Mexico. For more information on the PRB’s efforts to support New Mexico’s National Monuments, click here.


Fiscal Sponsorship

The Partnership for Responsible Business helps mission aligned organizations reach their goals by providing fiscal sponsorship to non 501(c)3 organizations who wish to apply for grants. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page for more information.


Our Vision

The Partnership for Responsible Business is committed to projects that support local economies, reflect the needs of New Mexico’s unique communities, and support sustainable rural and urban economic development. We strive to create public awareness for businesses and consumers interested in investing in people, protecting our planet, and creating long-term sustainable profits.

We work to educate the public as to the benefits of “Thinking Local” by keeping their dollars invested in their local economies. Buying local provides a positive multiplier benefit to the community.  At the same time, buying local avoids negative health and environmental impacts of supply-chain transportation.

We work to educate business owners on practices that enable them to conserve resources.  Better practices include reducing energy use, conserving water, mitigating carbon, increasing recycling, and supplying locally.   We believe responsible business owners can in turn provide broader leadership to the community to make these conservation practices more commonplace.


Board of Directors

Robert A. Mang, President

Bob Mang is the principal owner of Regenesis, LLC, a Santa Fe development company. He co-founded the Regenesis Group, an international consulting company to developers, also located in Santa Fe, and serves on the Board of Directors of AMC, Ltd., a real estate development company in Calgary, Alberta.

In a civic capacity, he is currently a member of Partnership for Responsible Business, and also serves on the Board of Conservation Voters of New Mexico, Education Fund and New Voice of Business, a national business organization. He has served as a founding Board Member of 1000 Friends of New Mexico, and SCI/ZERI, a Santa Fe based sustainable communities organization. He has authored articles on community and ecological development.

He and his wife, Pamela, live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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