Opinion: Cutting methane is smart business for New Mexico’s economy

By March 7, 2019 April 20th, 2020 Methane Regulations, New Mexico Oil & Gas
By Alexandra Merlino and Johann Klaassen

New Mexico has a real and growing problem with methane waste from oil and gas production that Governor Lujan Grisham is right to address. Leaks, venting and flaring from the tens of thousands of wells across New Mexico and in the Farmington area amount to hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lost profit and tens of millions more of lost revenue to the state.

Methane released without capture on federal and tribal lands alone in New Mexico is estimated to be 570,000 tons annually — more than any other state. Unfortunately, this fact and many others was missed in George Sharpe’s recent piece in The Farmington Daily Times.

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