Business Sign-on Letter: Business Support 30×30, Campaign for Nature

By August 24, 2021 May 20th, 2023 Business Sign-On Letter, Campaign for Nature

August 25, 2021


Dear Governor Lujan Grisham,

Protecting public lands is one of the few strategies we can employ to not only preserve biodiversity and fight climate change, but also bolster the economy and provide social respite.

To accomplish this, the Biden-Harris administration has enacted the 30×30 initiative to protect 30% of public lands by 2030, an effort which the Partnership for Responsible Business and the New Mexico business community strongly supports.

Over the last two decades, we have lost over a million square miles of wild land to development across the globe. With each square inch we destroy, we steadily reduce our chances of combating climate change. This crisis threatens our agricultural outputs, human health, access to water and much more, all of which will have tremendous economic, social, and political impacts.

To mitigate the harm caused by climate change, PRB endorses the 30×30 initiative based on clear cut data on the effectiveness of protecting public lands.

In New Mexico alone, the outdoor recreation economy has created over 33,000 direct jobs, $41.2 billion in wages and salaries, nearly $5 billion in consumer spending annually, and over $2 billion in state GDP. Public lands offer a truly sustainable market through outdoor recreation and conservation jobs, while preserving the ecological value that helps shield us from the impacts of climate change.

Continuing business-as-usual, the preferred stance of the former administration, has already demonstrably decreased our ability to manage the climate crisis. According to the World Resources Institute, “the United States will face economic damages from climate change equivalent to 1-3% of GDP per year by 2100. In a worst-case scenario, the damages could reach 3.7-10%.” Destruction of infrastructure and homes from extreme weather will further incur costs.

In order to strengthen our resilience against the impacts of climate change, we must look to environmentally sustainable solutions. Protecting 30% of public lands by 2030 is a promise that brings us one step closer to securing a more economically, socially, and environmentally stable future.


Agave Ridge Retreat Bruce McKinney Silver City 88061
Amador Health Center Pamela Angell Las Cruces 88005
Amenergy, Inc. Peter Page Corrales 87048
Antix Inc. Tony Harris Las Cruces 88005
Artist/Educator Wayne Carl Huber Las Cruces 88005
Aurelia A. Nelson, PT Ella Nelson Las Cruces 88005
Axle Canyon Ecological Preserve George Farmer Silver City 88061
Banyan Botanicals Erin Douglas Albuquerque 87113
Bear Mountain Ars LLC Linda Brewer Silver City 88061
Bee Wild Outside Alex Amacher Santa Fe 87501
Better Biz LLC Alexandra Merlino Santa Fe 87504
Blue Heron Enterprises Mary Canavan Las Cruces 88005
Blue Pecos Advisors Richard Murray Santa Fe 87501
Body Cleanse Lymph Release, LLC Margo Covington Santa Fe 87501
BrainWorks Brandi Lozada Johnston Santa Fe 88011
BrandNature Michelle Mosser Santa Fe, 87505
Brier Fine Properties Val Brier Santa Fe 87505
Bruce Thompson Homes, LLC Bruce Thompson Santa Fe 87506
Business Builder LLC George Santillan Las Cruces 88001
Cila Salon Carmel Lepore Albuquerque 87107
College Park Publications LLC Elaine Stachera Simon Las Cruces 88005
Comcast Cable Tanya Varela Las Cruces 88012
Conservation Corps New Mexico Nina Williams Las Cruces 88001
ConservFirst David Wentling Raton 87740
Create Your Fable Ben Lewinger Albuquerque 87110
Crossroads Art and Ecology Lab Diana Molina Anthony 88021
Dance Instructor Karen Brettschneider Santa Fe 87507
Deirdre Price – Grantwriter Deirdre Price Las Cruces 88012
Desert Micro Jayson Valencia Las Cruces 88007
Downtown Desert Yoga Colleen Boyd Las Cruces 88005
Elixir Int of New Mexico Inc./ Elixir Bio-Tech Inc. Richard Warren Las Cruces 88005
Enchanted Occasions Event Rental Joel Green Las Cruces 88005
Esha Chiocchio Photography Esha Chiocchio Santa Fe 87507
Esperanza Hills Bruce McKinney Silver City 88061
Fine and Fun Wood Products Ralph Holmes Las Cruces 88012
Fox Creative Steve D. Fox El Prado 87529
Friends of Hyde Memorial State Park Janice Krish Santa Fe 87505
Friends of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks Patrick Nolan Las Cruces 88001
Gila Wood Net Sam Schramski Silver City   88061
GreenMoney Journal / Cliff Feigenbaum Santa Fe 87504
HG Conservation Solutions Howard Gross Santa Fe 87508
Horizons Sustainable Financial Services Kimberly Griego-Kiel Santa Fe 87501
Hummingbird Aviation LLC Geoffrey VeneKlasen Santa Fe 87501
Indelible Enterprises, LLC Julie Seton Las Cruces 88011
Italia Associates, LTD Dr. Peter M. Belletto, CEO Albuquerque 87108
Kosh Solutions, LLC Carol Ann Council Las Cruces 88001
La Mariposa Montessori Katrina Holder Santa Fe   87508
Las Cruces Doula Melissa Marie Lopez Las Cruces, 88011
Las Cruces Green Chamber Carrie Hamblen Las Cruces 88001
Lettuce, Etc Nate Downey Santa Fe 87505
Lois Ann Sury Sury Santa Fe 87505
Long View Asset Management Doug Lynam Santa Fe 87507
Lumiere Editions Chip Leavitt Silver City 88061
Lumiere Editions Lara Leavitt Silver City 88061
Matt’s Mushroom Farm Matthew Fien Gretton Albuquerque 87107
McClure Publications LLC Cassie McClure Las Cruces 88001
Meow Wolf Caity Kennedy Santa Fe 87505
Modern Design + Construction, Inc. Bill Roth Santa Fe 87505
Mudd N Flood Mountain Shop Chris Pieper Taos 87571
New Mexico Doula Association Melissa Marie Lopez Las Cruces, 88011
New Water Innovations LLC Audrey Jenkins Santa Fe 87505
NM Solar Group, Inc. Nicholas Kadlec Rio Rancho 87114
Nuart Gallery Kim Kelly Santa fe 87501
Oldawan LLC Robert Nash Santa Fe 87505
Partnership for Responsible Business Alexandra Merlino Santa Fe 87504
Pax Consulting Katherine Mortimer Santa Fe 87508
Phillips Properties Wendy Phillips Silver City 88061
Prospera Partners Vicki Pozzebon Santa Fe 87505
Putnam-Pritchard Interiors/NUBU Design A. Christine Putnam Santa Fe 87501
R.L. Marek & Co. Chris Carpenter Albuquerque 87107
Real Speaking LLC Gail Larsen Santa Fe 88507
Reflective Images. Inc. Marc Choyt Santa Fe 87505
Renovation Kinetica G Allen Las Cruces, 88011
Robledo Vista Nursery Marcy Scott Las Cruces 88007
Santa Clara Woodworks Ellen Schweigert Silver City   88061
Santa Fe Conservation Trust Sarah Noss Santa Fe 87505
Santa Fe Green Chamber Glenn Schiffbauer Santa Fe 87501
Santa Fe Innovates Jon Mertz Santa Fe 87501
Santa Fe Koji Nao Sadewic Santa Fe 87505
SBH Web Design LLC Steve Harris Las Cruces 88001
Secret John Lewinger Albuquerque 87110
SilverCityTour.Com Cissy McAndrew Silver City 88061
Smart Living Team at Keller Williams Realty Renee Frank Las Cruces 88011
Solar Smart Living Alan Morgan El Paso, 79932
Solar Smart Living, LLC Lorenzo Perea Anthony 88021
Solargetic Designs LLC Athena Christodoulou Albuquerque 87122
Southwest Energy Integrators Kurt Albershardt Silver City 88061
Squash Blossom Farm Gael Minton Ranchos de Taos 87557
Submitted Individually Paul Mondragon Albuquerque 87104
Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen Soma Franks Santa Fe, 87505
Taos Fly Shop Nick Streit Taos 87571
TaosDawn Designs/Dawn Chandler Fine Art Dawn Chandler Santa Fe 87505
The Hartman + Majewski Design Group Doug Majewski Albuquerque 87111
The Jade Door Kim Sierra Robinson Santa Fe 87501
The Old Chinese Gardens George Carr Silver City   88061
The Trollworks LLC Gordon West Silver City   88061
Tierra Concepts Saguna Severson Santa Fe 87505
Tracy Neal – Arborist Tracy Neal Santa Fe 87505
Transformational Light Designs Dawn Cheney Las Cruces 88001
Triple L, Ink Graphic Design Linda Lillow Albuquerque 87105
US Green Chamber of Commerce Nancy Moya El Paso 79912
Victors Home Brew Jens Deichmann Albuquerque 87110
Western New Mexico (WNM) Communications John Munoz Las Cruces 88005