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Thriving Communities.


New Mexico Business Stars

The Best for NM Challenge is a free, online tool to help you compare your business’s impact on New Mexico’s workers, communities, and the environment against 8,000+ businesses and provides free resources to improve.

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Support for National Monuments

America’s national monuments and parks serve a vital role in protecting New Mexico’s and our nation’s natural and cultural heritage and providing unique opportunities for recreation and learning. These parks also serve as valuable economic engines spurring tourism and supporting jobs and businesses throughout New Mexico. For more information on the PRB’s efforts to support New Mexico’s National Monuments, click here.

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LWCF Roadtrip Stories

Since 1965, New Mexico has received more than $312 million dollars from LWCF for over 1,200 projects, which has funded everything from local playground equipment and ball fields to state park visitor facilities to the acquisition of land from willing sellers to establish and add to our National Parks, Forests, Monuments, and Wildlife Refuges. LWCF is funded from offshore oil and gas drilling royalties, meaning that none of it comes from taxpayer dollars.

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