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Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

What does the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (OMDP) National Monument mean to you?

The Monument is important to our business because it brings our customers to this area and we are able to build high end custom homes for them. Many retirees from other areas that we build for, tell us specifically that they came to this area because of our Monument. They love the idea of wide open, uncrowded spaces and our incredible mountain views. As someone who has grown up in this area, taking my kids and grandkids out into the Monument, I value the opportunities OMDP provides for my family and others to explore, appreciate, and learn more about our rich culture. Because of my lifelong love and value of the areas within OMDP, I am able to share that with my customers who develop an equal appreciation and value of the lands around Las Cruces.

What ways do you use the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in your business?

Because of the Monument bringing our customers in, we employ many people, buy many retail products, use many subcontractor services. All of them in turn generate business and income for local economy. Because I am also a professional photographer, I use photos of the Monument on my websites to show the beauty and quality of life here. Again, people love the idea of the wide open spaces of the West, and as our town grows, these spaces are jeopardized, but with the Monument status, they cannot be traded to developers. This i s a great incentive for people to invest here.

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