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Downtown Desert Yoga

Colleen Boyd, owner
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Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

What does the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (OMDP) National Monument mean to you?

The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument is a Las Cruces landmark, showcasing our beautiful public lands, our rich cultural history, and the incredibly diverse landscapes surrounding this city. There are infinite opportunities available in our Monument for individuals to connect with nature, find solace when needed, and enjoy the beauty that is abundant in our open spaces. As one of the oldest yoga studios in the city, our many customers and clients appreciate how accessible the trails and spaces are in the monument. OMDP is a wonderful place to find peace, practice mindfulness, and center ones’ own energy. As a business, we are committed to celebrating the many economic ventures that a Monument can bring to a community and embrace the growth our area will experience.

What ways do you use the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in your business?

As part of the annual Monuments to Main Street month in September, our yoga studio conducts all-level yoga classes, on the Monument, for the public to enjoy. Serving as an agent between yoga and the outdoor spaces is an honor that all of our instructors feel. We recognize the impact connecting with nature can have on ones’ energy, spirit, and mind. As a result of yoga classes on the monument, our studio has now branched out to create new partnerships within the business community to share the benefits of yoga. We feel this is just the beginning of good things to come to our area.

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Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce

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