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New Mexico Business Stars

Black Range Lodge

Catherine Wanek, owner
Business Contact Information:
(575) 895-5652

Greater Gila Impact

Why did you start your business?

To offer hospitality to visitors and travelers through the Gila region

What are you known for?

The Lodge is known for warm hospitality and our ecological consciousness. We are also known for hosting acoustic music camps, the Pickamania music festival, and straw-bale workshops.

How is your business connected to the Greater Gila Area?

Our historic community of Kingston is located within the eastern boundaries of the Gila National Forest. Also, Leopold Wilderness. Most of our visitors will at least take a stroll (or a bike ride) into the forest, and many also hike the Continental Divide at Emory Pass, and/or take day trips to the Gila Cliff Dwellings.

What does Greater Gila mean to you?

I’m grateful to wake to a view of the Black Range every morning, and consider the Gila as part of my backyard. Every day I appreciate living on the edge of the wilderness, and the occasional glimpse of some of the wild animals that live nearby. It means beauty and majesty, clean air and clean water, peace and quiet.