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Protect the Caja del Rio

Located near Santa Fe on 106,883 of Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service public lands in north-central New Mexico, the Caja del Rio is considered one of the United States’ most iconic landscapes, an area of profound cultural, historical, archeological, and ecological significance.

Sadly, the area has long suffered the consequences of inadequate protection. Desecration of Pueblo ancestral homes, ceremonial kivas, and petroglyphs, persistent illegal dumping and unregulated shooting, poaching, irresponsible off-roading, and destruction of endangered species are all imminent threats that must be addressed in order to protect this cherished landscape.

There is a community led effort to protect the Caja del Rio.

The Caja Coalition is a diverse group of Pueblo and spiritual leaders, conservationists, elected officials, business leaders, hikers, sportsmen and sportswomen, mountain climbers and bikers, and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts who all share one thing in common: a commitment to preserving the beauty, history and wildlife of the Caja Del Rio.

The business voice and why it matters.

The economic argument for protecting public lands like the Caja del Rio is key in the decision-making process. The best way to illustrate this is through local business voices.  There is strong local business support to protect the Caja del Rio and we’re thrilled to share some stories through the Caja del Rio Business Stars (click on the images to the left to read the stories).

We hope these stories inspire you to join the movement to Protect the Caja del Rio and encourage you to support local businesses.

Here are some quotes from the Caja del Rio Business Stars. Click on the  business to read their profiles.

Positive Energy Solar

“Protection for our lands in the face of infrastructure growth, unregulated recreational use and abuse, and climate change are certainly top priority. We recognize the need for updated infrastructure (including upgrades to our power grid) but not at the expense of irreversible damage to our lands for shortsighted gains.”

Christopher Fortson
Marketing Director/Employee Owner


Racing Apparel

“Protecting natural resources is one of the many responsibilities of the biking community and all those who enjoy the outdoor spaces. The Caja del Rio is especially important as its significance surpasses the enjoyment of the outdoors; it’s an irreplaceable cultural resource that must be preserved.”

Hadji Corona


Dawn Chandler Fine Art & Taos Dawn Designs

“These lands — especially places like La Cieneguilla petroglyphs — provide for us to learn about and connect with our history.”

Dawn Chandler


Wild Birds Unlimited

“Protecting natural habitat is critical to preserving wildlife, in particular birdlife. Since 1970 we have lost 2.9 billion birds globally. That equates to a loss of a quarter of our birds. Habitat loss is the biggest overall driver of bird declines. Protecting national habitat treasures such as Caja del Rio is critical in reversing the global decline in birds.”

Ken Bunkowski


Meow Wolf

The stunning landscape of Caja del Rio – with abundant petroglyphs, sacred sites and cultural resources – embodies New Mexico. Meow Wolf is proud to join Pueblo governors, spiritual leaders, outdoor recreationists, community advocates and businesses in support of protecting this special site near Santa Fe – threatened by trash dumping, illegal shooting and petroglyph defacement.

As a certified B Corporation, Meow Wolf is committed to being a responsible business, which includes respect for our natural environment and resources. How we treat our environment directly affects historically marginalized communities. Permanent protection safeguards this landscape so future generations can learn, explore and connect with an exceptional place.

Elisa Montoya
VP Planning and Policy
Meow Wolf


Leyba Real Estate LLC

“Protecting the Caja del Rio is a critical step towards preserving its integrity as well as the intergenerational significance it holds for our family. The Caja is a constant reminder of our community, our culture, and the unique beauty of northern New Mexico – it is imperative that we protect it as a fundamental piece of our shared history.”

Gabriel and Maria Leyba


Santa Fe Habitat for Humanity

“The Caja del Rio is a place full of natural beauty, deep culture and incredible wildlife.  As Santa Fe continues to grow and as one who works in the construction industry, it is imperative that we protect majestic places like the Caja from development.  The wilderness and sheer beauty of the Caja is what makes people live in Santa Fe and why New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment.  These are great gifts worth protecting for current and future generations.”

Rob Lochner
Construction Director


Bee Wild Outside

“The Caja del Rio is a fifteen-minute drive from my home.  It’s where I train my body, heal my mind, find inspiration, and pass precious time with friends and family.  Protecting public lands is one of our core values as a business, this aligns with our personal values and our customers, 100% of whom enjoy spending time outdoors.  The Caja del Rio’s dramatic geologic features threatened wildlife corridors and rich cultural heritage demand protection.”

Alexandra Merlino


Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce

“It doesn’t seem right to depict 107,000 acres of diverse landscapes and ecosystems as a hidden gem, but that’s what the Caja del Rio is. We’ve seen the economic impacts of protecting lands in the Rio Grande Del Norte and Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks National Monuments, and with our growing Outdoor Recreation industry, the Caja del Rio has as much potential as they do.  But we need to protect it and respect its natural and cultural value.”

Glenn Schiffbauer
Executive Director



The Caja del Rio Business Stars is a joint project between the Partnership for Responsible Business and the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce.