Protecting natural resources is one of the many responsibilities of the biking community and all those who enjoy the outdoor spaces. The Caja del Rio is especially important as its significance surpasses the enjoyment of the outdoors; it’s an irreplaceable cultural resource that must be preserved.

Racing Apparel

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Racing Apparel

Hadji Corona - Owner of Racing Apparel

Racing Apparel
Hadji Corona
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Caja del Rio

– Describe Your Business?

Racing Apparel: I manufacture and distribute custom cycling and running apparel throughout Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US and have a retail store and repair shop in the Design Center in Santa Fe.

– How is your mission aligned with protecting public lands?

Cyclists and runners benefit from access to public lands, as does my business. Protecting public lands is paramount to sustaining the communities I care most about.

– What percentage of your customer base is engaged in outdoor recreation?


– How does protecting the Caja benefit you, your business, and the larger community.

Racing Apparel is headquartered in Santa Fe, so all access to public lands in this area promotes outdoor activity that directly benefits my business. The Caja is an especially significant resource because of its cultural importance, but I believe all outdoor spaces need safeguarding to preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

– What ways do you use the Caja del Rio or surrounding public lands? In what ways does it benefit your business?

The Caja del Rio is a great area for cyclists and runners such as myself and my patrons. It’s such a rich and complex land; culturally, ecologically, and recreationally – it’s important for the community to have access to diverse landscapes.

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