“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” Edward Abbey

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Sweet Water Harvest Kitchen

Soma Franks Owner of Sweet Water Harvest Kitchen
Sweet Water Harvest Kitchen

Sweet Water Harvest Kitchen
Soma Franks
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Caja del Rio

– Describe Your Business?

Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen opened in 2012 as the dream of two moms who wanted to offer healthy + yummy food for our community.

– How is your mission aligned with protecting public lands?

I care deeply about our community and utilize my business as a way to support and give back to Santa Fe.

– What percentage of your customer base is engaged in outdoor recreation?

My customer base tends to be those who are actively engaged in healthy lifestyle choices.

– How does protecting the Caja benefit you, your business, and the larger community?

I believe we all feel grateful for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful blessed place and with that comes a responsibility to protect and care for our environment and to honor the history which came before us and supports us now.

– What ways do you use the Caja del Rio or surrounding public lands? In what ways does it benefit your business?

I am certain that we all benefit from the honor + protection of Caja del Rio and surrounding public lands. I can’t say how my business specifically benefits from it, but it is clear to me, all people need to care for our land and I know that cultivating a conscious relationship with where we live enriches us all.



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