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New Mexico Business Stars

San Francisco River Outfitters

Tom Klumker, owner
Business Contact Information:
(575) 838-5822

Greater Gila Impact

Been in Business: 34 years

Why did you start your business?

Something I had always wanted to do.

What are you known for?

Our specialty or niche in the industry is that we offer true pack-in wilderness hunts using well trained mountain horses and mules and hunt from quality wall tent camps with cots and pads in sleep tents and a cook/dining tent with full time cook and using a full time wrangler and 1×1 guide service.

How is your business connected to the Greater Gila Area?

San Francisco River Outfitters offers horseback pack trips into and over the same country that the famous Apaches and bandits used to hide in. The way the wilderness formed means that the wilderness character of the area will not be altered by the intrusion of roads or other evidence of human presence.

What does Greater Gila mean to you?

Glenwood has a rich culture and history. It is very important to my business and is the perfect location for my business.