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Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument

What does the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (OMDP) National Monument mean to you?

As a REALTOR, it is my business to know what attracts people to relocate to our community. I have found the mountain views and unique beauty of the places now protected by the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument to be an incredible draw for current and future residents of Las Cruces. Retirees, young professionals, and business people alike are drawn to amenities that create better quality of life. Because of our protected open spaces, I have seen that OMDP is a large draw for them to relocate to southern New Mexico. And, when they want to purchase a home, I can help them find the right one, with the right view of the Organ Mountains, the Desert Peaks, and everything else that surrounds Las Cruces.

What ways do you use the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks in your business?

When publishing a home listing, I often use the proximity to OMDP as a selling point. When potential home buyers, who are moving to the area, ask about activities they can enjoy, I refer them to the hiking opportunities in OMDP. We have many retirees moving to the area and they are often looking for different ways to be active. OMDP provides the perfect outlet for them. For people who want to enjoy our 350 days of sunshine, OMDP is a great way to do just that.

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